What It's About?

Discovering what happiness and joy are and where to find it. It's a pretty basic premise with a highly complicated answer. What is it to you? Where do you find your happy place? How often do you have to visit there? Do you have to visit there to replenish your happiness? See? So many questions to a simple premise. So, are you happy?

My Story

I believe that I have moments of happiness; moments of joy. What interests me are those who seem to surf all the time on those moments. They seem to occur very often for those people. They are very interesting to me. Perfect candidates for a documentary, wouldn't you say?

Who Am I?


Steve Brock

Actor - Writer - Director

Never running out of hyphens.

Film and stage actor Steve Brock was born in Los Gatos, California. He is the eldest of two sons of Donna Brock (Lecrivain), a teacher, and Les Brock, an electrical and computer engineer. He was involved in musical theater in high school and in college. Steve has just finished shooting a pilot that he wrote and starred in based on an alternate universe view of his own life called “Even Steve” (2015) and a short film that he wrote with Aga Kadłubowska about family alcoholism called “Making Amends” (2015). Steve has just finished a run of a musical review “Songalogues” at Lifebook Playhouse (2014) and “3060” at Two Roads Theater (2014). He is writing a play called “Facets” detailing struggles in serotonin spectrum disorder. In July 2015, he performed a one man show called Uncovered, where he played original music and some arrangements with an amazing band He is also a singer/songwriter and has released a CD called “Cry By the Light of the Moon.” (2014) He is training with Allen Levin at Lifebook Acting Academy in the advanced class where he is studying improvisation and scene study (2014-) He also is a graduate of Second City (2014).

Steve Brock’s love of music came from his father. His father played trombone in a dance band in college and he heard many of the songs from that era. Of course like any self-respecting kid of the 70’s he enjoyed a lot of the favorites of the day such as Earth, Wind and Fire and Kool and the Gang. He also enjoyed singer/songwriters such as James Taylor, Carole King, Billy Joel, and Elton John. As a kid, though, he got into old radio shows from the 40’s and 50’s. Theater of the Mind stuff. One morning the alarm to wake him up to go to school instead filled his mind with the sounds of Sinatra, Tormé, Goodman, and Bird. Ever since that moment he was hooked. This experience also opened his musical tastes up to all styles of music.

Realizing that musicians of every style influenced each other, he was led to other styles as well such as country/western, blues, and even the sounds of Broadway. His musical style is unique. He sings with the sensibilities of a jazz singer and writes with the influence of King , Taylor, Joel, and John but also with the influence of the great Broadway songwriters.

His songwriting has a message. Mostly the message is of love: love lost, love gained, love wished for, etc; but, the words have meaning. Not able to rest at merely having a good beat and being easy to listen to., he wants to touch the human heart in the only way he knows how: through his words.

His vocal style is a combination of all his influences. In songs that he chooses from other writers, he looks for the same sense of poetry that he strives for in his own songwriting. Whether it be country, jazz, or even rock and roll, the song must have meaning to him .
He is looking for as many gigs as possible that allow him to showcase his different vocal talents.

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