What is Happiness?

This documentary is a quest towards finding happiness in my own life. I want to discover whether happiness is a constant state of mind or is it little moments. I also want to discover... Am I already happy?

My Blog

Come and read my blog, where I talk about my quest and also update you on the progress of this project and documentary.

What is the meaning of joy?


Have no idea. If you searched the internet for this and landed here, I'm very sorry. What I do know is that the subject interests me. So, as a budding film maker, I thought, why not interview some of my friends and family to come up with a solution. What makes you the happiest? Where is your "happy place"?

So begins my quest. I look forward to showing you the results of my quest possibly as we go.



Next Step...

Go ahead and contact me about your happiness. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.